Marriage, divorce and maintenance

A delhi court has observed that when its time to marry the man projects himself as a prince, but when it comes to paying maintenance to his estranged wife and kids he acts like  a pauper. This general observation made by delhi court holds true in most of the matrimonial disputes.

It  is very difficult for a court to judge the income of a person records do not suggest the actual income of person and can be very misleading. It has been observed that in a matrimonial dispute the husband tries to conceal his income to avoid maintenance.

In a recent case the delhi court has directed the husband to pay monthly maintenance of Rs. 3000 to his children. The court also observed that this is a very small amount  to sustain cost of living in metropolitan city like delhi.


court marriage services in ghaziabad

Getting married to one’s desired life partner is the ultimate wish of any person. But many a times circumstances don’t allow a person to get married to the desired person in traditional way. In such cases court marriage is the best solution to get married in a legal manner.

Court marriage is open for all indian citizens. The bridegroom and the bride need to visit the registrar’s office of  the particular area with some mandatory documents to  complete the procedure of court marriage.

Conditions to be fulfilled for court marriage
Chapter II, Section 4 states certain condition required for entering into such a marriage. They are:

  • Neither party should have a spouse living
  • Both the parties should be competent to give valid consent
  • Male must have completed 21 years and female 18 years of age
  • Neither of the parties should be unfit for marriage and procreation of children
  • Parties should not be within degrees of prohibited relationship as provided in Schedule I, however if the customs and traditions of religion of any one of the parties permit so, then it shall be valid.

Immediate Marriage Certificate

Are you in a hurry to get your marriage certificate? Do you need it within 24 hours. There is a good news for your if your are a resident of delhi. Now you can avail this necessary document by paying a charge of Rs.10,000 within a day. The tatkal service is operational since april 22 this year.

This is good news for people who have to wait for days or even weeks to get their marriage certificate. However the flip side is the big amount which is being charged for this service. Many people will prefer to go the traditional way of procuring marriage certificate as the fees their is very nominal.

To avail this service the applications will have to be accompanied by “documentary proof of age, citizenship, identification of the bride and groom, solemnization of marriage and place of their residence.

how to apply for marriage certificate under hindu marriage act

Hindu people can register their marriage under the hindu marriage act. Being a hindu is compulsory requirement. In order to register such a marriage the concerned parties need to visit the sub registrar who was present during jurisdiction.This is a simple process and both the partners along with necessary papers can get their marriage registered. 

Another way is to directly apply under the marriage registrar of place of residence of either of the spouse. You can get more information about the process under the guidance of marriage registrar of your particular area. Apply for the certificate with all documents, photographs, certificate from priest who solemnized the marriage.

Once all the documents are verified and the officer is fully satisfied a date for registration will be provided. The Hindu act applies to all people who are hindu or have adopted hindu religion.

Same day marriage service

We are living an age where pace has caught up with everything, even marriages. Many a times circumstances are not suitable to plan your marriage too much in advance, invite guests, relatives and friends. Also many people in modern times prefer fast and quick marriage. In such cases court marriage is the best way to get married. A court marriage is performed in the presence of registrar and the marriage certificate is issued instantly upon the completion of marriage. A boy 21 years of age and girl 18 years of age are eligible for court marriage.

The interested parties need to submit their passports size pictures along with residence proof and presence of two witnesses is must  before the marriage registrar for court marriage. The formalities of marriage are complete in a very short ceremony.

Court marriage has become a common practice now and more and more people are going for it.

Arya Samaj Marriage

Marriage is a compulsory bond for people of different sexes who want to live together for rest of life. Many a times due to some reasons it is not possible for people to get married according to there customs and traditions. In such cases arya samaj marriage is best option and marriage certificate is issued at the time of marriage so the legality of marriage is also confirmed.

In arya samaj marriage agni is considered to be the most important factor and there is no deity worship. A priest recites shlokas and there meanings to the couple getting married in presence of agni. The marriage is solemnized in simple way and relatives and friends of the concerned couple can be present to give blessings to their near and dear ones.

Marriage of Foreigners in India

For Foreigners or citizens of countries other than India getting married in India can be little challenging task and needs some patience.

It is imperative for either of the couple boy or girl to be living in India for a minimum of 30 days prior to marriage. A foreign national can obtain such a certificate from the local police station. The application for marriage along with documents like passport, photographs , residence certificate has to be given in the office of marriage registrar

If within the specified period of 30 days there is no objection for the marriage the couples can get married at the marriage registrar’s office in civil ceremony.Three people are required as witness along with their residence proof and pictures. Marriage Registration is completed after few weeks of marriage.

Mariage Registration Proof required for passport after marriage

After marriage new passport application has to be given at passport office.

Many people due to lack of knowledge think that the passport which was issued befor wedding will be valid but an application for new passport has to be given along with the proof of marriage registration. When applying for a passport post wedding it is important for the applicants to furnish the following documents

  • Address proof of the applicant it can be Election Commission ID card, Gas connection Bill, Spouse’s passport copy
  • Proof of Marriage registration in the form of marriage certificate

These documents are needed to be submitted to passport office for application of fresh passport after marriage. The name of spouse can also be mentioned in the passport.

Marriage Registration

The process of registering a marriage in the office of marriage registar  is known as marriage registration. It is mandatory to register a marriage once it has been solemnized in traditional or religious ceremony. This is a very important process and is to obeyed by all citizens.

Many couples take their wedding for granted and do not get their marriage  registered but now it has been made compulsory by all state governments. Getting your wedding registered is an easy process provided you have all the necessary documents that you need to produce before the registar of your area.

A very nominal amount is charged for this whole process.