court marriage services in ghaziabad

Getting married to one’s desired life partner is the ultimate wish of any person. But many a times circumstances don’t allow a person to get married to the desired person in traditional way. In such cases court marriage is the best solution to get married in a legal manner.

Court marriage is open for all indian citizens. The bridegroom and the bride need to visit the registrar’s office of  the particular area with some mandatory documents to  complete the procedure of court marriage.

Conditions to be fulfilled for court marriage
Chapter II, Section 4 states certain condition required for entering into such a marriage. They are:

  • Neither party should have a spouse living
  • Both the parties should be competent to give valid consent
  • Male must have completed 21 years and female 18 years of age
  • Neither of the parties should be unfit for marriage and procreation of children
  • Parties should not be within degrees of prohibited relationship as provided in Schedule I, however if the customs and traditions of religion of any one of the parties permit so, then it shall be valid.

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