Mariage Registration Proof required for passport after marriage

After marriage new passport application has to be given at passport office.

Many people due to lack of knowledge think that the passport which was issued befor wedding will be valid but an application for new passport has to be given along with the proof of marriage registration. When applying for a passport post wedding it is important for the applicants to furnish the following documents

  • Address proof of the applicant it can be Election Commission ID card, Gas connection Bill, Spouse’s passport copy
  • Proof of Marriage registration in the form of marriage certificate

These documents are needed to be submitted to passport office for application of fresh passport after marriage. The name of spouse can also be mentioned in the passport.


Marriage Registration

The process of registering a marriage in the office of marriage registar  is known as marriage registration. It is mandatory to register a marriage once it has been solemnized in traditional or religious ceremony. This is a very important process and is to obeyed by all citizens.

Many couples take their wedding for granted and do not get their marriage  registered but now it has been made compulsory by all state governments. Getting your wedding registered is an easy process provided you have all the necessary documents that you need to produce before the registar of your area.

A very nominal amount is charged for this whole process.